Coachella & WeedMaps partner to activate first of it’s kind “Marijuana Oasis”

Just outside the festival grounds will be five designated dome structures, each providing a free and legal way to get high from vaping, edibles, smoking and more.

Domed Structure Rendering

Thanks to the “Yelp for weed dispensaries” App; WeedMaps this weekend and next at Coachella the attendees will be able to enjoy marijuana then attend there dream festival with no risk whatsoever. With California’s increasingly mellow stance on pot, this was bound to happen sooner or later. Thanks to WeedMaps, Coachella and the marking firm Talent Resources for breaking ground here! This will be the marijuana industries first time cutting its teeth into the North American Festival market.

Coachella still however prohibits “drug use” on site but we’re willing to bet that plenty of festival goers will be hitting up the adjacent Oasis to cool off and smoke some of the finest herb. The best part about all of this is that all of the weed will be given away for free by Brass Knuckle, West Coast Cure and GenX.



Written By: Preston Abernathy


Consequences of Sound

Dancing Astro



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