Deep House Yoga – One-of-a-Kind Steps on the Scene

by Jennifer Otero

We love to see worlds collide. Brooklyn’s home for underground music and events, Verboten, pushes the envelope with its futuristic fusion of EDM and an otherwise untouched art form. Deep House Yoga is exactly what it sounds like: all the elements of a killer show, blended with the meditative posing and spiritualism of yoga. In Verboten’s case, too much of a good thing doesn’t prove overindulgent, but rather revolutionary for this novel niche.

So even if you haven’t hopped on the yogi train, you at least know what to expect (given that it’s conventional yoga we’re talking about): some breathing, bamboo flute tunes in the background, stretching; and if you’re lucky, maybe some eucalyptus to beef up the atmosphere, leaving much to be desired for some. Pretty different, if not polar opposite, from the sensory overload we can’t get enough of that is EDM. But there is something magical about the thought of these two worlds joining forces.

Verboten’s funky fresh approach to the generic, and even arguably sacred, nature of yoga has broken through the glass ceiling in BK; naturally, first-timers have come running. Picture this: the venue is a 10,000 square foot former metal shop in the heart of Williamsburg, Brooklyn featuring two rooms, multiple skylights and futuristic, industrial accents that bring the Verboten aesthetic to life. On Monday and Tuesday nights, grab your mat and get in the groove to flow with tripped-out lights, visual projections and pulsing beats courtesy of a live DJ. Yes, we’re still talking yoga.

Deep House Yoga is grabbing attention from all over. But specifically, yoga virgins are warming up to the idea of trying something a little less formal, much louder, while still getting that DEEP stretch right before the drop. Long time yoga fans are drooling at the novelty of Verboten’s adaptation of the art, having seen nothing like it before. The Brooklyn phenomena has something that appeals to everyone and the EDM culture is beaming as popularity skyrockets since first stepping on the scene. We’re stoked about this rich collaboration and pumped to see where Deep House Yoga goes from here. Namaste.

Photos by Verboten, Razberry Photography

Published 05/08/15