Disclosure Find Familiar Ground With Sam Smith In “Omen”

by Christian Frable

What a whirlwind of a Monday it's been with new tunes from Odesza, Rustie and more, the real standout is the long awaited and finally arrived Sam Smith collaboration for Disclosure's forthcoming album - “Omen”. This is a funky, minimal house banger with massive sex appeal and incomparably smooth vocals from the one and only Sam Smith. The vocal surgery served him well – he is back and better than ever. Anyone who wasn't exactly feeling the previous releases from “Caracal” will find comfort in this familiar sound from the UK brothers who took the world by storm and brought deep house to the masses just a couple years back. Any description I could attempt to give this video would not do it justice, and it's going to take a few views to try and nail down exactly what's going on.

Published 07/27/15