Elements BK: Music, Art and BMX

by Ashley Zucker

Photo by Malakk Diry Photography

The day of the highly anticipated Elements Music and Arts Festival finally came Saturday, August 22nd in Brooklyn, New York. The festival was put on by event curators, BangOn!NYC and was described as “A dreamers playground that feels like an affair between Berlin, Burning Man, and Bushwick.” The Fire stage was the place to be. Hotel Garuda, Anna Lunoe, Autograf, Nora En Pure, and Amtrac all threw down stellar sets and there was a special surprise that the public or media was not informed of…

Photo by AZ Photography

“My friends Ethan and Adam were two of the main guys who helped build the ramps for the event. They told me and my friend Dan to come to this “thing” on Saturday because it was going to be a good time... We had no idea what it was for and they gave us no information about it except one photo of the building. So we figured why not check it out. When we got there we didn’t expect to see a ramp out of a 2nd story window or a crazy music festival going on...” stated Jon Nemecek.

Photo by AZ Photography

BMX and MTB rider Adam Hauck made quite an impression ripping on the towering jump at Elements. The New Jersey native had a lot to say about the setup and the actual event.

“It’s sometimes so weird how things come together, said Adam, it all started with a phone call from an unknown number that led to building and riding at the Elements Music and Arts Festival hosted by Bang On. With most of these projects Ed Pollio is my go to guy. He owns 5050 skatepark, runs NYDac, and is well know in the bicycle and builder world.”

Hauck described the iconic setting as comparable to the setting for scene from Black Hawk Down. The abandoned shipyard gave the festival an almost prohibited feel-like we weren’t supposed to be there, let alone have a massive BMX jump setup.

“So Ed and I had a cool idea to jump out the second floor window of this old building. When we mentioned it to Tim and the rest of the BangOn crew- they first thought we we're crazy but also loved the idea when they realized we were serious. The builds are normally chaotic but this was crazier than usual. We received the final OK from the event on Wednesday, a few days before the event. So Thursday morning the crew showed up and immediately started building. We started with the ramp coming off the building. The one part that held us up was waiting for the tractor trailers to be set up. We built everything and needed them placed so we could continue building on top of them. It was 90 degrees out and we had to stand on top of a steel box that has been baking in the sun for days. My feet have never been so hot.”

Photo by Malakk Diry Photography

“So now that we had been busting our asses for two longs days, it was time. I had to test everything to make sure everything it was in its proper place. After long days of hard work roasting in the sun, I had to put on my helmet and grab my bike and test it. Of course I was a little nervous- who ever says they wouldn't be is a liar. First test on the jump out the window the landing was to close and I jumped almost completely over it. Thats jumping out a second floor window to flat- but changes were made and we carried on. After all the little changes it was game on for the next day.”

“It’s hard to explain how crazy of a time a BangOn party is. The view from the second floor was unreal to watching the crowd go crazy. It was the ideal location and it was all ours. We rode all day into the night and then we finished it all up by jumping through fire breathers blasting us with flames as we jumped. It was an awesome end to an amazing time,” Adam Hauck said with pure excitement.

Photo by Malakk Diry Photography

Bringing a music and arts festival together with extreme sports provided an inspiring added entertainment factor. Not only were your senses stimulated by the music and creativity but the action of having BMX riders blasting out of a second story window, over fire breathers, and onto massive shipping containers created a whole new element.

Published 09/01/15