“It’s really been a lifelong dream,” is what 25-year-old Micky Papa tell's our host Stephen Pond about becoming a member of the Nike SB Street League Series after placing 5th this past month at Tampa Pro.

Papa, a regular stance skateboarder from British Columbian has been skateboarding his whole life but he’s not letting his sudden rise in the competition world get to his head. “I knew it was a big opportunity for me to get in there (Tampa), so I knew I had to take advantage of it.”

And take advantage of it he did, not only did he place high enough at SPoT’s event to make it to Street League, it was his first pro competition. This has drawn quite a bit of attention to the switch machine. Speaking of switch, Micky give’s us an inside to his company, Switchmade and what his company means to him and the direction Switchmade is going.

Before his astounding finish at Tampa, Papa won the inaugural ShredHouse Production's Shredtopia Festival on the Santa Monica Pier this past December 2015.

“Any contest you enter really boosts your confidence, and if you do well, puts you on this sort of snowball effect for a bunch of other events.”

He credits Shredtopia as one of the crucial stepping-stones in his momentum going into Tampa Pro. Be sure to follow Micky at The Berrics BATB 9 as he is already off to a hot start defeating fellow Blind teammate Cody McIntire and just dropped a new “BANGIN!” part this morning. http://theberrics.com/bangin-micky-papa/