Newly Released Music Video for Kaskade's "Never Sleep Alone"

by Ashley Zucker

Fellow board sport lover Ryan Raddon, professionally known in the music industry as Kaskade, drew one of the largest audiences in Coachella history this year. As the sun was setting; a blend of deep red and orange, the first track that played was his take on the future house sound featuring enchanting vocals from Tess Comrie titled "Never Sleep Alone".

The music video directed by Charles Whitcher for his latest single from the forthcoming Warner Bros. / Arkade album; "Never Sleep Alone" features Kaskade floating on a pristine, white sheeted mattress through a quiet neighborhood. In his slumber, he passes by a man puffing on a cigar while watering his lawn and a tattooed woman in a crimson swim suit bathing in the California sun. The next scene transitions to Kaskade drifting through downtown streets passing a line of drummers, young adults fooling around in a car, and rebellious protestors. At the end of the video, a foreign hand grazes his chest and he is abruptly awakened.

"We never sleep alone. Nobody does." - Kaskade


Photo by Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Published 04/21/15