Mark Johns x Sweater Beats Cover “All Day”

by Christian Frable

One of the most exciting voices in dance music right now belongs to Naomie Abergel, also known as Mark Johns. Certified nap girl and active member of the Moving Castle collective, she's been killing it this year. It's been a wild year for her, from playing packed sets at SXSW during a showcase that literally shutdown the festival to (recently!) getting in the studio with the one and only Skrillex.

Well, it gets better. She posted last week about getting in the studio with future virtuoso, Sweater Beats, and what's the result? A sultry cover of Kanye West's smash hit “All Day” off his forthcoming album, Swish. Mark Johns is a siren as she lends her classic voice to cover every bar, effortlessly capturing the triumphant feel of the original. Sweater Beats throws down some very smooth beats, prominent drums and soulful guitar riffs in this futuristic R & B take on what's sure to be a hip hop classic. Throw this on at your next party – I promise you won't regret it.


Published 05/05/15