Bros Bring Downhill Skating to the Mountains of NC

by Harry Stephenson

Isn’t it always special when a skate competition has its inaugural event? We think so, too… Soon, North Carolina will be hosting it’s first ever downhill skateboarding competition--the North Carolina Downhill (NCDH). No, it’s not the very first skate competition in the history of the state; however, it will be the first one not confined to a skatepark. Headed by Phil Baldwin, Eric Fahrenthold, Bailey Winecoff, and Madison Crum, the NCDH is set take place in Ashe County this Saturday and Sunday (April 18th and 19th).

The event will feature a downhill course winding through two miles of picturesque Blue Ridge Mountain roads, running through Mt. Jefferson State Natural Area in the sleepy town of West Jefferson. 80 skaters will be vying for a $1000 purse that goes to the top three spots.

The NCDH marks a positive change for the underground skate culture of North Carolina, and it sets an important precedence. Baldwin, Winecoff, Fahrenthold, and Crum may well be ushering in a new generation of skate competitions--after all, if you can host competitive board sports in rural Appalachia, is there anywhere you couldn’t host one? I know we’d like to see more competitions like this popping up all over; and, with any luck, we will. To get the full story head over to

Be sure to check out this sick practice run

NCDH @ Mount Jefferson from Sanjay Gupta on Vimeo.


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Published 04/14/15