NERO Announces Sophomore Album and Release Date

by Christian Frable

NERO has had an indescribable impact on the world of dance music since they first stepped onto the dubstep scene in 2008 with “This Way.” Daniel Stephens and Joe Ray began their careers as drum n bass producers in 2004 before joining forces with vocalist, Alana Watson, and “trying their hand at dubstep” (thanks Pete Tong.)

In 2010 they let loose a legendary essential mix for Pete as part of his mainstay BBC Radio 1 spot prior to releasing “Innocence” which shook up the entire perception of dubstep. Centered on a dystopian future and the rejection of societal roles forced upon us, their album “Welcome Reality” was a master piece of sound cohesion, flowing seamlessly from one track to the next. Their futuristic get up, their stylized videos - they are our generation’s answer to Daft Punk.
They remained quiet following their debut album and a track in the “Great Gatsby” film. They broke that silence with a viral 25 minute sound loop on soundcloud in the latter half of 2014, breaking the door down with the first single, “Satisfy,” off their second album highlighted by hauntingly sexy vocals from Alana Watson. Well, they’ve shocked the world once again, announcing their sophomore album, Between II Worlds and with it the titular track.



BETWEEN II WORLDS. THE ALBUM. 28.08 Pre-order now and get the title track and Satisfy instantly: #BETWEEN2WORLDSD, J & A.

Posted by NERO on Friday, April 10, 2015

A cryptic 30-second video served as the outlet for this long-awaited message, followed by the release of the 7:20 track of the same name. The end of the video shows the numbers 28.08, confirming a release date of August 28th, a reference to the dystopian future of 2808 around which they’ve written the majority of their music. “Between II Worlds” sets the pace for what seems to be a dark look into the dystopian future world I hope we never see, calling on similar themes heard in Welcome Reality - time, space, dreams, choices, and freedom.

A rolling synth leads the way into a dark bass line with a male voice giving directions as he talks about “traveling [between] two worlds.” “Have you ever wondered what happens when you become light? It happened to me- I traveled between two worlds. Between here and there. Between now and then. It was like a dream.. But I was awake. Would you like to see what I saw? Feel what I felt? I’ll take you there.”

Is this the second reality they discussed in “New World”? Where you make the decisions? Well, we are anxiously awaiting some answers on August 28th. Set a reminder on your phone, mark it on your calendar, write it on your arm, do whatever you have to do to make sure you DO NOT sleep on this album!


Published 04/10/15