Shuffling Geckos and Puppies in Oliver Heldens & Shaun Frank's New Music Video

by Ashley Zucker

We witnessed Oliver Heldens shuffling skillz at one of the EDMbiz panels in Vegas during EDC week and in his latest music video with Shaun Frank and Delaney Jane, he yet again proves that not only is he an incredible Dj and producer, he can cut some serious shapes. In this comedic music video, Heldens is found dancing in multiple scenes dressed as the various names of his tracks- a bunny, gecko, and koala and is stealing all the attention.

The Chainsmokers make a girlfriend stealing cameo early on in the video and it seems Shaun is having a tough time finding love at a BBQ and he even rents a puppy for the day at the park. No such luck, even the pup pisses on his parade. Its hard to find a love through every shade of grey

Feeling lost and loveless, Shaun Frank finally finds himself in his natural habitat- behind the decks at a dark, sexy club but shortly after Heldens and his bunny suit make an Jesus- esque appearance and steal the show once again. Inspiration strikes in a dreary basement and Shaun Frank finds his very own animal persona, a panda head, and then he and Heldens get a bit weird in that dim- lit Toronto, basement club. We all know loves comes when you least expect it and when youre getting weird with your friends Shaun finds his spirit animal (and his dream girl) and they all live happily ever after.

If you like beautiful vocals, an epic dance beat, hot girls eating ribs, and Oliver Heldens dancing in various animal suits then this video is right up your alley. Not to mention the cinematography is incredible. This video out on Spinnin Records is a must watch!

Published 06/25/16