Interview: Shift K3Y at The Greatest Day Ever

by Ashley Zucker

Moments before Shift K3Y's set in Brooklyn, he was working on a remix of "Truffle Butter" by Drake and Nicki Minaj in his hotel room which he played for a lively crowd at The Greatest Day Ever. Their reaction was stellar along with his other funky, high-energy tracks. We had the opportunity to chat with singer, producer, and Dj Shift K3y about his greatest day ever, Rihanna, and tracks he loves playing in his sets.

​A: What's a UK phrase you've said to an American that they were really confused by?​

S: The bin. Where's the bin?

A: What does that mean??

S: Where's the trash. That's what we call the trash- the bin. I get the weirdest looks for that.

A: You just played The Greatest Day Ever Festival, describe your greatest day ever- you have 24 hours to curate, what would you choose?

S: There's a place called Beam in the UK that I would go to for breakfast. Then, I don't know! Is that lame that I would say go to the studio..? I would have a really sick session.

A: Who would be in there with you?

S: Rihanna, but we'd be doing a UK Garage track.

A: So perfect day- studio with Rihanna making UK Garage. What's cooking in the studio for you these days?

S: Working on a new album, new singles, club remixes.

A: What are some upcoming tour dates in the U.S.?

S: Mostly UK and Ibiza dates coming up.

A: During your set today, what are some tracks you played that you're really passionate about?

S: "Deep Down Low"

A: Have you been in contact with Valentino Khan for a collaboration maybe?

S: I don't know.. we'll see... I really like the Chris Lake edit of Prince's "Funkroll".

A: How good are Chris Lake's remixes! Every track is just straight fire.

S: Yeah he's sick. I also love playing Chris Lorenzo's "Rhymes" with Hannah Wants.

A: Do you have any questions for me??

S: Who are you here to see?

A: Well you of course and MIJA, I was really excited to see her set i've been hearing a lot of hype and she really threw it down.

A: Okay last question- fun fact about you?

S: I have 50 pairs of shoes, about 90% NIKE.

Thanks for chatting Shift K3Y!

published 7/30/15