What Did We Witness Last Night?

by Christian Frable

What did we witness last night? A cultural revolution, musical synergy like nothing we've seen in the digital age. Skrillex's set to close out Day 3 of Ultra Music Festival was absolute madness from front to back, beginning to end packing nothing but heat. He played out all his finely tuned, wonderfully crafted classics, and he brought his friends - old and new.

As Sonny dropped Cinema, the vocals looped, signifying that this was the unreleased “Get Cinema” (Cinema VIP) he threw together while working with Diplo on Jack U. Sure enough, Diplo came on stage flying the Jack U flag in classic Lazers Never Die fashion. Jack U took over the set, and Kai came on stage to perform their collaboration, “Mind,” with Sonny singing along.

Before you knew it, CL – the K-Pop mega star who caught Skrill's attention last year – was on stage performing her track with the group. “Febreze” came on and we were all sad to see no signs of 2 Chainz. Not to worry. P Diddy jacked the stage and performed the classic Ruff Riders anthem. Diddy was feeling some type of way – more energetic than anyone has seen him in years, MCing and talking constantly over the mic about how much he was feeling this, staying on stage until close. Hint: this will not be the last time we see Diddy at a dance show. It's no surprise that this set broke the Ultra Live Stream record with (give or take) 217 THOUSAND viewers. Sorry Avicii!

Photo by Rudgr

Published 03/30/15