Here Are Some Awesome Things From SMF 2015

by Christian Frable

The first day of Sunset Music Festival in Tampa, FL was heavily delayed with rain. As we waited in the stadium, rain shooting sideways into the stadium, the morale was high. Then a collective eruption of excitement as word spread that it was game time. We were finally let in a little after 6pm, at which point Cedric Gervais was playing on the mainstage. And he brought a friend with him – Hulk Hogan, brother! Little known fact, Hulk is a known presence in Tampa Bay along with his son, Nick. 

Later, Skrillex threw down the most diverse, fan boy pleasing set I've seen from him in the 6 or so times Ive been lucky enough. He played everything, even the drop from his Hey Sexy Lady remix. He closed out the set by mixing Trap Queen into Sub Focus' remix of Hold On. Day 2 went off without a hitch as Slander threw down a mesmerizing trap set. Of all the times I've seen them, this was their hardest set by far. The thing that's so impressive about these guys is they take tracks that you could never imagine together and blend them seamlessly. Later in the afternoon we witnessed The Chainsmokers play a dubstep track, and it was great.

We booked it to the Eclipse Stage for two hours of percussion paradise from Keys N Krates and Sub Focus. Keys N Krates performed an impressive live set with the drummer repping a Moving Castle collective shirt. Sub Focus followed them with an energetic set where they rinsed Delta Heavy's unreleased remix of Lean On along with some new material of their own and some classics.

Porter owned the night. He graced SMF with an intimate, gripping set to close out the Horizon Stage. Behind his aural creations, awe inspiring, Miyazaki-esque visuals. A glimpse into a world we should all be so lucky to live in. He masterfully made his way through his original work, remolding it into something even better each time. A wonderful end to a well-run, highly satisfying start to festival season.


Photo by Rukes

Published 05/25/15