Jordyn Barrett

Haleiwa, Hawaii

Age - 16
Sponsors -
Surf - Movie, Pyzel Surfboards, Glidesoul Wetsuits, Boardstix, Vans Shoes, Nakoa Fitness
Skate - Vans, Movie, Nakoa Fitness, Boardstix, 187 Killer Pads, XS Helemts, McGills skateshop
Favorite Trick - Backside air and a front side grind revert, and for surf, a front side hit in the pocket.
Accomplishments - 2014 World Cup Champion for 15 and over amateur skating for pool.
Short bio- I love to surf and skate very much! I work at it every single day and try to improve all of the time! My next big goal is to become the first female to ever surf and skate at the US Open of Surf in Huntington Beach.  I think that would be really fun and I am working on getting there!