Shred Spotlight- Dashawn Jordan

Shred Spotlight

Photography: Chris Hooten & Jacob Messex

Text: Preston Abernathy

There’s so much to say about Dashawn. The kid from Arizona has been on one hell of tear lately from contests to street parts. Dashawn’s also one of the chilliest and most down to earth homies you’ll ever meet. In such a short amount of time he’s been able to accomplish what many great skaters won’t in their entire careers and he does it by maintaining great relationships, hard work and consistency.

“Feeding on fun, Dashawn reroutes the seriousness of being productive and effortlessly brings skating back to the essence.” STUART GOMEZ of The Skateboard Mag



P: Chris Hooten || Shredtopia AM Festival || Santa Monica Pier


Charlotte, NC || Photo: Jacob Messex

His come up this past year has been insane. From killing it in our Shredtopia AM to making the ‘Next New Wave’ and ultimately taking gold at Tampa AM. What an insanely successful past year it has been.

The kid is mad fun to watch people and all of us at ShredHouse couldn’t be more stoked on what the future has to offer.

With that said, huge congrats on winning YEARS BEST AM!! Well deserved.








Text: Preston Abernathy


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